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Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy summarizes various ways the ("Service Provider," "we" or "our") treats the information you provide when using ("Website"). The Privacy Policy applies to the website and its content within as well as other related websites that have footnote-links to this Privacy Policy.

Our subsidiary, partner and co-partner companies share similar privacy treatment as the following Privacy Policy. In accordance to different requirement of the regional laws, provides coherent privacy treatment for the trading groups all over the world. Buyers' registration of acceptance on the Privacy Policy and the Rules of Basic Service indicates that the users agree with the way that collects, saves, uses or publishes your personal Info according to the Privacy Policy. For new members, the Privacy Policy takes effect immediately when the member accepts the policy.

Applicable Range:
  • During Member Registration, the user needs to submit personal info as required.
  • Our server may also automatically collect information about your computer when you use the service, participate in Spycameraeshop activities, or visit website, including without limitation the data like your IP address and the historical record you requested etc.
  • collects user's trading data including without limitation the bid price, purchasing, sales listing, credit rating and violation record.
  • also collects user personal info from business partners through legal means.
Info Usage:
  • Unless prior permission has given by the user, will not sell or lend any user personal info or company profile to any individual or company;
  • Meanwhile, will not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell, distribute or publish user or company info. In this case, has the right to terminate related user service contract and freeze the account immediately.
  • may use user info for better services including without limitation the product & service info delivery or sharing info with business partners in case that related product & service info is available for the user. (User prior permission is needed for the info sharing part).
Info Publishing:

User personal info will be published in the following cases in part or in whole.

  • With user's prior permission, will share info with a third party.
  • In case that a qualified member with intellectual property complains about another member, will share the user info with the defendant as demanded, which will facilitate to settle the dispute.
  • In accordance with relevant regulations or requirement from administration or Judiciary organizations, will publish the user info to a third party, the administration or judiciary organizations.
  • In case of any violation against relevant law or website policy, user info will be published to a third party.
  • To provide the product info and services as any other user required, may have to share user personal info with a third party.
  • claims it is proper to publish user personal info in accordance with relevant law or website policy.
  • If either party of the trade has fulfilled the trade obligation in part or in whole during any transactions established on website and asks for business info of the partner, has the right to decide whether to provide the user with necessary information like contact number of the counterparty during the trade in order to facilitate the transaction or settle the dispute.
  • In case of operational entities being merged or acquired etc, will require the newly formed company to use the user personal info according to this Privacy Policy. Otherwise, the user will be informed ahead of time.
Info Security:
  • provides password protecting service, please keep the user account and password safely.
  • During online trading on website, user may have to provide personal info like contact number or email address to the counterpart or a potential business partner. Please keep your personal info safely and provide the info when necessary.
  • In case of user personal info leakage, especially the leakage of payment account & password, please contact customer service representatives so that can take emergency measures accordingly.