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About Us is a leading online Platform where Buyers can buy Direct from us. With our network of Greater Manufacturers and Partners, we offer you factory-direct pricing with an unsurpassed delivery time. All products are warranted and are supported by our after sales service. During recent years, we have gained real credibility amongst our global buyers and partners, and seek to provide clients with a safe and secure market platform.

What is your team's business value?

Candor would be the main element for running our business. Without candor our merchandizing team may bride resulting in a high purchasing cost. Without candor there may be misleading product information which would upset our customers. To manage this globalized team, candor would be the most essential factor to provide a democratic and fair working environment.

How does your Sourcing Team work?

As a global supply chain integration service provider, our Group has served most of the Big Names in international business. This ensures that our capability is at the level where we are able to serve you with reliable service and competent business practices. Now, we offer you the same access to our huge range of product categories, at competitive factory-direct prices, and provide the best payment and transportation solutions. We commit to our warranty term even when you order goods in small quantities.

What do your Customer Service Representatives do?

Our customer service representatives are well trained with the knowledge of over 2000 products in our website. We invest a lot on training and expansion of our customer service team. We not only aim at answering enquiries about product and delivery problems, we would also help customers to look for products out of our selling list to fulfill your needs.

What should I do if I want to know more about you?

Don't be shy. Contact us and we will ful fill your hunger.