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Lenovo Legion Y7000p-1060 fan
Lenovo Legion Y7000p-1060 fan
Lenovo Legion Y7000p-1060 fan

Lenovo Legion Y7000p-1060 laptop QWERTY keyboard with backlit

NZ$ 57.87
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six months from the receipt date
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Layout: US
Color: Black
Type: with backlit
Warranty: six months from the receipt date

Our replacement for Lenovo Legion Y7000p-1060 keyboard will get your laptop up and working the right way at the very best price. The quality of this keyboard for Lenovo Legion Y7000p-1060 is certified as well by RoHS and the CE. All our laptop keyboards have full 6 months warranty for manufacturer's defects and free shipping.

Lenovo Legion Y7000p-1060 keyboard Warranty:

  1. Quality - 100% compatible with original laptop keyboard.
  2. Warranty - full 6 months warranty, 30-days money back for every new keyboard.
  3. Secure - Order information is encrypted and transmitted through our secure server echnology, Only authorised personnel are permitted to process your order and handle your personal data.
  4. Fast Shipping - Usually ships the same business day.

How to choose the correct replacement keyboard for Lenovo Legion Y7000p-1060?

  1. You can check the serial numbers and manufacturer information on the underside of the keyboard and enter your findings in the search bar on the Internet. This may speed up your search for a replacement keyboard.
  2. Please compare the pictures with your keyboard before you place an order, especially the ribbon cable (position, length and width). Make sure that the model of laptop and part number of keyboard is the right one you need as well as the layout version.
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