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Delivery Information

For most countries, there are 2 shipping options

Shipping Method
Delivery time
Tracking Number?
Standard Ground Shipping
(Air Mail Postal Service)
Based on total quantity
(NZ$12 for each item)
business days
Expedited Shipping
(eg. DHL, FedEx, UPS)
 Based on total quantity
(NZ$30 for each item)
business days
The delivery time is an estimation and NOT a promise or commitment.
Delivery To: All over the world
America: US, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and so on. 
Europe: UK, Belgium, Denmark ,Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France , Spain,    Poland, Austria, Iceland , Russia, Hungary, Malta and other European countries. 
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand and so on. 
Asia: China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Philippine and so on.
Delivery Time:
All of our products are shipped by UPS, USPS, DHL, FEDEX, HongKong Post, EMS. Items will be shipped out in the following business days after you have checked out. In general, it may take about 7 - 15 business days for delivery, depending on the different delivery means you select.Please note that some orders go through our fraud prevention department. If your order is selected, you will be notified and your order may be delayed by an additional 3 business days.
We are not responsible for wrong or undeliverable address.
Please make sure your shipping address is correct and deliverable.